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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kim Kadarshian teaches how to show off your curves

Kim Kadarshian was interviewed this week by WWW and told everyone how to show off your curves in a flattering way:

"My key has always been to figure out the body parts you love the most, and figure out what you don’t like, and figure out how to hide what you don’t like and show off what you like," Kardashian advised. "I’m a really big fan of undergarments," she added, noting that she does wear Spanx and other body-shapers. 

"But really, I think it’s just figuring out what you truly like on your body and how to accentuate that," she went on to say. "If you don’t like your arms, then maybe a kimono look would look good because it has the longer sleeves to kind of cover up your arms. It just depends on what it is you're trying to hide and highlight."

Here are some more sexy and affordable products:

source: WWW

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